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The best draft line and tap cleaning service company in Pierce and King counties. When your Restaurant, Brewery, Pub, or Bar and Grill requires draft line maintenance & cleaning, contact Summit Draft Systems.

Bi Weekly line cleaning & quarterly acid cleaning

The Brewer’s Association recommends:

  • The use of the electric recirculating pump cleaning method as the preferred method for nearly all systems.
  • Cleaning to be done every two weeks
  • All faucets are completely disassembled and cleaned at that time.
  • Quarterly (every three months): Draught beer lines are de-stoned with an acid line-cleaning chemical

Pump circulation cleaning

Re-circulation creates a turbulent flow that is more effective then simply allowing the cleaning chemicals to soak in the line.

prompt service calls

SDS offers prompt, professional service calls to get you back pouring in the shortest time possible.

Equipment maintenance

There are standard recommendations no matter how much or how little beer is dispensed through your system. Bacteria is constantly growing, and stronger biofilms will take hold when less frequent cleanings are practiced.
Draught beer system maintenance is inherently preventive, designed to prevent bacterial contamination from taking hold.
As a retailer, you have a vested interest in making sure the cleaning is done properly. Clean lines make for quality draught beer that looks good, tastes great, and pours without waste. This is where SDS comes in.

Parts replacement

Broken or drippy faucets? we’ve got those parts and much more.